Write Line Communication is based in regional Victorian cities Bendigo and Shepparton and services clients nation-wide.


I craft content for diverse purposes, sectors and audiences. My background in newspaper journalism and editing ensures your message or story is communicated professionally, accurately and succinctly. 


Whether your copy is self-written or from many sources, I fine-tune it for quality and reader interest. Editing may be a structural overhaul for clarity or a “clean-up” of grammar, spelling and in-house style.


This is the final polish of your text before print, publication or email to in-house or external audiences. Proofreading is your quality assurance for spelling, typos and accurate cross-referencing.

Website content

Without quality content, you will lose visitors in the click of a mouse. I worked to the newspaper mantra “content is king” before Bill Gates declared this pearl of wisdom for the online world. 

Marketing content

From brochures to posters, guides, frequently asked questions and digital content, your words and message must hit the mark. I specialise in making every word count.

Media releases

Is your service, innovation, launch, announcement or event newsworthy? I have industry insight into what press releases grab the attention of media agencies and website visitors. 


Do you need a feature article or news story for print or online? I have 26 years of editorial experience, including as a journalist, copy sub-editor and editor of magazines and newspaper features.


Give me your brief and I will write your blog content in your ‘voice’, or if you prefer to pen it yourself, I can edit/proofread for quality assurance so your readers stay engaged until the last word.


These are advertisements written in the form of editorial. Whether you are a small start-up, corporate or non-profit, I ensure a blend of editorial and advertising that has integrity and reader value. 

Real estate editorials

Do you need copy written, edited or proofread to help sell residential properties or businesses? I have many years of experience providing newspaper-grade editorials of all lengths.


Do you need original copy for e-news or editing of supplied news and titbits? I deliver  newsletter text and headlines which are interesting, informative, non-repetitive, error-free and relevant. 


I have interviewed people from many backgrounds for short and long profiles.  My articles give insight into who they are, what they do, why they are unique and what makes them tick. 


I interview happy clients to spruik your business or service. I also help you find the right words if you have been asked to write a client testimonial for someone else. 

Case studies

As a journalist I am skilled at what to include, emphasise and omit in case studies about people and businesses. I bring an objective view to what your audience wants, and needs, to know.

Annual reports

Written input from various stakeholders can lead to varying spelling, formatting, repetition and even conflicting information. I ensure quality, integrity and accuracy of the complete document. 

Grant writing

A grant application must clearly show why you meet the grant maker’s funding eligibility. My writing will optimise your chance for success.


Are you time poor or lack the skills to write concise, error-free business or personal letters? Whether you need a business pitch or introductory letter, I ensure clarity, the correct tone, spelling and grammar.


Writing tributes for newspapers, newsletters or family requires sensitivity and objectivity. I interview a deceased person’s family and peers to craft an obituary that reflects and honours their life. 

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